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History/Our Team

Historical Snapshot

In 1995, Channeled Reflections, USA (CR) implemented a wide variety of products and services to fill in the on-going gaps identified by local community leaders. We began by researching and targeting the population that would best be served. We determined that we would create social marketing efforts to address women's needs, psychosocial conditioning, and parenting issues that were an outgrowth of socioeconomic issues brought about, in part, from the recession of the early 90s; along with the saturation of drugs in the urban identified areas. We started with creating a steering committee whose task was to create manageable and measurable programming that would progress to social change. CR's objectives and goals branched out into program development, implementation, and program evaluation that focused on community galvanizing and public health issues. We were really successful in affecting the quality of life for many local women and determined to broaden our services after a broad assessment of the trending community issues.

In 1997, our mandate expanded to let in a provision of training and development modules to assist health care and community service providers with health promotion planning, evaluation and evidence-based practice. At a community level, we determined community women and their family relationships and lives would be strengthened by the deployment of custom fitted programming, such as job coaching, personal development, and biweekly support group.

In 2000, our clients’ needs were expanding and the founding of two independently functioning departments was identified. Our business clients’ requests called for more strategic insight and demanded more expertise in organizational effectiveness. CR responded to our clients’ wishes by developing our consultants in organizational development, employee relations, and work life balance initiatives.  Conversely, our community health leaders sought to roll out social marketing campaign's.  CR trained our consultants to become more proactive to our consumers' changing needs by finding out how to apply theoretical models and fabrics to accomplish S.M.A.R.T. goals that would complement the CDC’s Healthy 2010 objectives and beyond. Channeled Reflections, USA now has two divisions that can support both Human Capital Management and Health Promotions processes.

From 2000 - 2007, Channeled Reflections, USA continues to work on a variety of social marketing campaigns designed to strengthen the community. We have proceeded to develop business-to-business relationships that permit us to collaborate on customized instructional design curriculum for a variety of consumers in non-profit or fortune 500 environments.  These plans and groundbreaking services are planned to increase the capacity of community and public health initiatives.

In 2008 - 2016, Channeled Reflections, USA continues to build up its position that valuing human capital is good business. That human resources is not one dimensional that in fact, it is comprised of five books of knowledge and that human resources is a part of the strategic process in everyday business. CR's services can compliment all functional areas from compensation and benefits to risk management and beyond. Our consultants can position themselves as an HRBP or assume the role of a consultant depending on your  needs.We exist to increase the value of human capital in small and large business environments.

As we look into the future Channeled Reflections, USA will continue its growth and mastery over a bevy of best in class and trend setting business models to enhance work life initiatives, workforce planning, and performance management by teaming with your organizations team.  We don’t care who gets credit we just want to do a task well executed!


  • Program Evaluation 
  • Curriculum Development
  • HR Audits/Change Management
  • Training and Development 
  • Facilitation/Mentoring/Coaching
  • Public Health Education and Promotion
  • Salary Surveys/Workforce Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management


Ms. Poetress "Reign" Brawley, BA, BS, MBA
HRBP | Senior Consultant


Ms. Poetress "Reign" Brawley, BABS, MBA
HRBP | Senior Consultant

Reign Brawley, BABS, MBA is a seasoned consultant in organizational workforce development and public health planning. Ms. Brawley has over 25 years of experience and business acumen in program planning, evaluation, and organizational behavior. While working as an Executive Consultant, Reign has provided community stakeholders, non-profits, private and public organizations, in local and Midwestern communities with organizational architecture, instructional design, and R & D services.

Ms. Brawley has held numerous positions such as Affirmative Action Officer, Project Participation Manager, Compliance Officer, Human Resources Information Analyst, and Human Resources Manager, prior to becoming a Senior Consultant specializing in Organizational Development and Employee Relations for Channeled Reflections, USA. In these functions, she was responsible for strategic, operational and administrative aspects related to business and human resources goals and objectives. She has produced and implemented various learning and development modules, i.e., HR Generalists, peer-to-peer mentoring, workforce planning, leadership coaching, and organizational behavior (change management). 

Formerly, Ms. Brawley served as Mayor Carl Amento’s liaison to the Human Rights and Relations Committee for the Town of Hamden. She was part of a three-member team responsible for “Unity Dialogue;” a yearlong project that was  born out of the 911 aftermath. This programming earned Mayor Amento statewide recognition for enhancing community relations during this tumultuous time. She graduated from Southern Connecticut State University, where she earned a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Public Health. In, 2009, she completed an MBA at the University of New Haven. She is an active member of SHRM, APHA, CPHA, Golden Key, Psi Chi, Eta Sigma Gamma, and SOPHE. 

Lastly, Ms. Brawley volunteers her services to non-profit organizations. Historically, she has created psychosocial and health promotion programming that enhances the quality of lives for all; especially inter-generational populations that are under-served and unserved in the New Haven county catchment area, i.e., diabetes prevention, life skills, and self-realization.

Ms. Brawley's take on tutoring young minds....

Early on, I became smitten by the opportunities that education can provide an individual. Every bit I delved deeper, into my feelings I realized the impact that teachers, administration and support services have on the varied blooming minds filtering into our educational system. I ponder how can we maximize their growth and how do we facilitated this learning period with unfettered and unbiased intentions. What’s more, how will these students perceive the gifts of augmentation that systematically develop an individual, as well as me, to one day to celebrate the natural endowment of knowledge transfer? The solution to this dilemma is "highly fluid" so far, I will not falter because mastering the parameters of education is an ongoing challenge, but there are many like me who stand prepared to dispense with the variance of contextual support and environmental systems that touch the external benefits of preparing ourselves and those we touch. My philosophy is simple "Just do it!" like Nike says.

I am dedicated to the children and their continued growth and I know the value of which we seek is never-ending as long as there is hope, resources, and smiles that foster the environment for change and reasoning.

Poetress "Reign" Brawley

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