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Human Capital Management and Organizational Development Consultants

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Channeled Reflections, USA

Specializes in
 providing our diverse clients the experience of building or restructuring their organizational architect, whether it is corporate, small start up or family-centered; by providing evidenced-based processes and programming. Many of our products and services focus on organizational development, leadership coaching, behavioral health and health promotions in niche market segments. Our vision is to inspire, educate, and promote accountability.

Human Capital Management and Organizational Development Consulting Services

Taking your unique set of needs into account, we offer consulting, development, and industrial relations programming/systems for the individual or the organization.

Personal Development We can support your unique desire to enhance or restructure your personal goals and development by offering one-on-one custom tailored coaching and interactive exercises to move beyond your current personal or professional objectives.
Organizational Development We help our client's organization to focus on their “one thing,” that for which they have passion or are experience a "pain point."
Leadership & Executive Coaching We provide confidential executive coaching by developing a trusted one-on-one relationship between a professional coach and a high-level leader for the purpose of improving organizational performance and personal effectiveness.
Workshops & Seminars Our expertise covers a range of issues with a particular focus on the promotion of behavior controls, emotional intelligence, and sustainability.
Education & Tutoring We provide alternative educational programs in order to meet our students’ individual learning needs. Our staff specializes in offering students and families a full range of instructional services to 1st through 12th grade students, delivered in a personal, customized, positive 1:1 or small group environment.
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Channeled Reflections, USA

Human Capital Management and Organizational Development Consultants

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